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Global Day of Code Retreat - NYC

Details of NYC coderetreat can be found here:

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GDCR SF Coderetreat 2011

Of the 50 participants that rsvp'ed to the event, about 25 showed up:

We started at 9:30 am and our general plan for the day was the following:

1: get our feet wet and try to understand the problems

2: maybe try something other than 2D array?

3: focus on names during this session
4: think about working on exercises either super TDD or super OO.
5: go…

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Global Day of Code Retreat Dallas - thought dump

A write up of my thoughts on Dallas' Global Day of Code Retreat can be found here:

Happy Practicing,


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Global Day of Code Retreat - Vienna

In Vienna, we had 15 participants (of the 25 that registered).

In the first session, we did not induce any challanges, as expected. But, although I had a very clear plan about which exercises should be done in which session, I needed to change it for the simple reason, that the skill level of the participants varied a lot:

While some still had a problem in understanding GoL after the second

session, others already ping-pong'ed in the first one. Additionally,

they used…


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Global Day of Coderetreat - Beijing!

Here are my notes from Global Day of Coderetreat - Beijing:

See you all next year!


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Global Day of Coderetreat in Umeå, Sweden

12 people signed to the event in Umeå and 10 showed up, which is a 40% increase comparing to our first coderetreat. We had two women participating, which I think is really good for an event like this with it's geeky spirit. Even more amazing was the two guys from Skellefteå (130km north of Umeå and 90 minutes by car) that showed up at 8 am for breakfast and a days coding. Java, C# and C++ was the languages used during the day.
In the first session the only constraint we had…

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global day of code retreat in Calgary

Organizing the event

- I contacted professor at University of Calgary and they willing to sponsor for the event. So my lesson here is you need to know the right people and contact the right people then things will go smoothly for you. We need to sort out the few things like wireless for 20 people, food/beverages, etc ...

- I were worry that we don't get enough interested people. But thanks to COREY and OTHER PREVIOUS ORGANIZERS…


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GDCR in Milan

My post about the day in Milan.

It was at great experience.

Thank all.


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Global Day of Coderetreat at Barcelona


Thank you Corey for that awesome #gdcr11 :)

Here is a post that explains how we had fun at Runroom (Barcelona):

It's in spanish, catalan and english! ;) Watch the video!!!!

Keep enjoying!

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Global Day of Codereterat in Budapest

I've posted notes from the global event in Hungary to the following page:

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Coderetreat, Cracow, 2011 - Been There, Done That

Hi All,

 my relation from Cracow 2011 Code Retreat can be found here:




Tomek Kaczanowski 

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Global Day of Coderetreat in Buenos Aires


Here is my blog post on the subject. Enjoy.

Thank you very much to Corey and team.

Carlos Peix

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The Deep End & The Global Day of Code Retreat

Cross-posted from

On Saturday I joined 30 developers here in Chicago along with 2200 other developers around the world for the Global Day of Code Retreat. It was a day co-founded by Code Academy mentor Corey Haines to help developers grow by pairing up with different people over…


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What I learned in the Global Day of Code Retreat

I have authored a post on my experience in the Global Day of Code Retreat 2011. I cannot repost it here, but it is available on DZone.

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Global Day of Coderetreat: An Account from London

Here’s what you do. On Saturday morning, at ridiculous o’clock (i.e. around 8), you walk into a room which has a delicious breakfast all laid out. There are some people running about shouting at each other about “sessions” and “calls”, but you ignore them in favour of the sweet pastries, fresh fruit and hot coffee sitting on the counter. When you’re done, you take out your laptop, and someone with a funny haircut floats over to remind you that you should have a test environment set up for…


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Global Day of Coderetreat - Notes from Indianapolis

Our coderetreat in Indianapolis went very well - exceeded my expectations! Of course, it was my first time doing anything with coderetreat, and it was just me: hosting, facilitating, etc. so I really didn't know what to expect. :)

We had 17 people register for the event, and 13 of them showed up. I highly recommend charging a refundable fee to attend - I think it made a huge difference in helping provide that "psychic weight" for people when it came to attending or not. And on the…


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Notes from Bilbao Global Day of Coderetreat

Hi everybody!

18 brave programmers (from 20 registered) got together this Saturday in the premises of Plain Concepts in Bilbao.
We had decided to start late (10:00h) so everybody would get the opportunity to get some rest, and to drive/commute comfortably.
The group was quite heterogenous; from fluent TDD-ers to some guy not having a clue of TDD. It was the…

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GDCR Madrid (video)

In Madrid we had an awesome time in this very special day of the Global Day of Coderetreat.

I will blog about the experience sometime soon, but I prepared a video of the event yesterday while relaxing.

I hope you like it!


Global day of Coderetreat Madrid 2011 from…


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GDCR 2011 in Durban, South Africa

Our session was held in a training room that was perfect for the event; enough plug points, desks, a/c, projector, flip-chart, kitchen close-by etc which made things easier. Originally 16 people had registered; 2 had cancelled beforehand because of other commitments and 1 did not pitch, so we were left with 13 which was a good showing. We had 6 pairs with one pair consisting of three. 11 of the developers were C# developers, while 2 were using python. Most of the attendees were…


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GDCR11 in London

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This past Saturday was the 2011 Global Day of Code Retreat, a world-wide event during which over 2000 programmers in 90 cities came together to spend the day practicing the craft of software development. I was…


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