Global day of Coderetreat the Belgian edition

Posted by Erik Talboom on Dec 22, 2011

First of all I would like to thank my facilitation counterpart Adrian Bolboaca for all our coderetreats. I'm glad to be able to team up with this guy everytime.

We had loads of people joining us with a lot of new guys in the group that were new to TDD and pair programming as well. "Tdd as if you meant it" had a really big impact on a couple of the newbies which was a bit of a surprise for us. At the same time it was my personal highlight of this edition.

If you want, you can also read a more detailed report on the retreat. 

Thanks again to Corey, Jim and all the facilitators out there for making this happen. We're already planning new retreats for 2012 and looking forward to GDCR12.